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Bricktown Brewery

Opened in 1992 when downtown OKC, according to its website, was “little more than tumbleweeds and cattle.” These days, the state’s first craft brewery is sandwiched between dozens of bars and restaurants, but the granddaddy of the neighborhood still holds its own. Its crisp King Kolsch was the perfect antidote to a 100-degree July day. It also claims to go against the hipster grain (excuse the pun) as the only brewery in North America with two beardless brewers.

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What the Ale: Bricktown Brewery celebrates 25 years in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City brewery celebrates 25 years of craft beers

Oklahoma has had numerous breweries in its history, but only one in recent history can say it has been around for 25 years.

Bricktown Brewery is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month.

Bricktown Brewery’s original location is in the Bricktown District in Oklahoma City at 1 N. Oklahoma Ave. Three locations are in the Tulsa area — 3301 S. Peoria Ave., 9409 E. 71st St. and 11909 E. 96th St. North in Owasso.

Bricktown uses a different business model than other breweries in the state. It makes beer at 4 percent alcohol by volume and delivers it to various locations. This cuts out the broker and the distributor in Oklahoma’s four-tier alcohol system. It has worked well for the brewery, which continues to grow with 12 locations in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas and Texas.

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